The cornerstone of our integrative multi-disciplinary system of rejuvenation and self-preservation fosters the axiom that genuine wellness is not just the absence of disease or infirmity, but the essence of a mindful way of living that involves wholesome choices and healthful practices that actively enhance the quality of one’s life. Holistic health and healing encompass not only the symptoms and effects of illness, disease and dysfunction but the intervention and prevention as well. Elemental harmony is maintained through the balancing/clearing of the various systems and interrelations that constitute one's mind, body and being. Based on the law of nature (that the whole is made of interdependent parts) this ancient healing tradition (500 B.C.) considers the multi-dimensional aspects of existence embodying the interactions between who we are and the world we live in. It emphasizes the connection of the trinity combined with an understanding that wellness is an ongoing personal journey toward a goal of functioning at our very best level possible.


In the same light, a lifestyle approach to personal betterment does not just consider the extrinsic aspects of living (one's physical appearance or ability to perform) but a process of managing all the changeable variables that affect the way that we live. Lifestyle is the interaction of our thoughts, feelings, goals, attitudes, values, behaviors, and the interrelationships between others, our environment, and our selves.