As a full-circle, wellness resource promoting personal health, healing and human performance, our intent is to attract and enlighten seekers, helping them do more than put temporary patches on their health and fitness concerns. Holistically considering the cognitive, behavioral and the physical aspects of self-improvement, self-discipline and change, aspirants are empowered by knowledge to make conscious healthful choices, enabling them to achieve quality of life goals, adding years to their lives and life to their years. Understanding the disciplines that most directly affect the change process, we provide truthful education, non-intimidating environment and adherence support conducive to enhancing the nature of one’s lifestyles. Through personal commitment, self-effort and consistent practice, clients access their true potential, to look, feel and be their best, one step, one rep, one success at a time.


For thousands of years the middle path of moderation has been proclaimed to be the key to attainment on all levels. Based on the Kaizen principle (constant and never ending improvement) small refinements made on a daily basis will compound with interest to bring about long- term progress. As Confucius say “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” By shifting one's focus from the outcome to the process, all aspects of change can be experienced as a discovery.