At Obvious Group, we are on the forefront of a new generation of proactive personal health and wellness services providers. With the vision of a healthier, happier human race, we have founded a mission of enhancing the vitality, longevity and overall well-being of our present day society through the promotion of pro-active health intervention, truthful education and preventative self•care initiatives. As an altruistic organization, driven by the quality of life needs and concerns of our youth, senior, special and deconditioned populations, we have combined over three decades of experience with universal principles to establish a holistic paradigm incorporating the highest standard of ethics, operations and practices.

Striving to revolutionize the health and fitness industries we have raised the bar of both facility and practitioner standards. Bridging the gaps between health care, sports medicine and fitness services, the Obvious Group has become Oklahoma’s first and only public center to be awarded third-party accreditation by the National Fitness and Therapy Association (NFTA). Our solid reputation, advanced credentials and tenure not only authenticate the integrity, credibility and distinction of the intricacies of our organization e.g., (degreed/certified practitioners, science based assessments, cutting-edge edification, safe and proven exercise/conditioning protocols, non-intimidating/supportive environment, profession referrals and alliances) but also further validates our undivided dedication to our cause and unwavering commitment to public health, safety and quality of life.